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  • Executive Interview Coaching
  • Executive Interview Coaching
  • Executive Interview Coaching

“So you think you know how to present yourself, tell your story and answer interview questions?
After spending some time with Richard you might realize that you still have a lot to learn.
Be prepared for an engaging, insightful series of conversations and see where it takes you.
Richard Elstone was recommended to me and I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to learn how to succinctly present their story to the world”.

Executive Coaching Services

We are Experienced Professionals

We’ve reviewed hundreds of thousands of resumes.  Conducted innumerable interviews.  And successfully appointed countless executives.  We know the drill and understand what those on the other side of the table are looking for.

Tailored Sessions

Our programs are designed to ensure you secure a career opportunity which reflects your skills and experience.  Sessions are confidential and conducted on a one-on-one basis, usually over the course of an hour.

Additional Support

As part of our service, we offer ongoing support to clients.  You’ll be able to pick our brains for up to 90 minutes on an ‘as needed’ basis.
We encourage you to hit us with questions about everything, from negotiating your salary to briefing referees.

Comprehensive Solutions

We help executives reach their full potential.  Whether you’re looking for a new role in a new company, transitioning within your existing company, have accepted a redundancy package or have been ‘let go’, we will help you prepare for that next opportunity.

Our Programs

Resume Ready

Transform your resume and stand out from the crowd.

This program will help you understand what ‘headhunters’ and senior hiring executives look for in a resume and offer tips to improve yours.

Executive Ready

Arm yourself with strategies to create a strong first impression and interview well.

We’ll cover everything from how to prepare for an interview, to the types of questions you may encounter and what you should be asking.

Search Ready

Annihilate the competition with our Search Ready Program.

We’ll review your resume, optimise your digital brand, help you leverage your networks, develop your opening pitch and be 100% interview ready.

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