Turning your strengths into new opportunities


“After being at a crossroads in my career, I was recommended to Richard for executive interview coaching.  As an experienced and skilled leader I thought I had a good resume, strong networks and could clearly articulate my key skills and abilities and define my value proposition brilliantly.

Through Richard’s uncompromising and engaging approach, I realised that there was a lot more I could do to present my career story in a way to set me up for success.

I would highly recommend Richard’s program and services without hesitation.”

Daniel Smith – General Manager – Aged Care Sector

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Richard Elstone.  As an executive leader with over 25 years’ experience, I questioned the value Richard would be able to provide me.  I was pleasantly surprised with the value I gained from meeting with Richard.  His direct and assertive style is exactly what I needed!  No waste of time, but real value-add conversations that allowed me to gain further insights into the market and gain further understanding of the expectations on executives like myself.

Richard navigated me through my career achievements, focusing on the areas that I had independently failed to recognise and improvement opportunities for both my CV and social media presence.  He is a true professional who stays independent with his counsel, becomes your conscience to keep you on track, and is extremely helpful with his network and informed recruitment advice.”

Mari Ruiz, Chief People & Culture Officer

“No matter how competent you are as an Executive, you will benefit from time with Richard.

He is an expert in his field with a very professional personalised approach.

Richard is great to work with, bounce ideas off and provide you with honest unbiased expert guidance.”

Harry Robertson, CFO

“Richard’s commitment to visible results translates into tailored advice that is direct, clear and fun and delivered in a professional manner.

Coupled with a world of insight and a willingness to share his expertise.”

Paula Allen, Executive

“I was introduced to Richard Elstone to support my career transition having for the most part throughout my career changed companies and roles through my network.  Having not worked through this process before, I was delighted with Richard’s direct approach, his deep knowledge of the process, his enthusiasm and natural coaching style.

I learnt a great deal with one important skill being the art of engaging story telling.  With the support of Richard, new skills learnt, and accountability to the process, I have secured a new position that’s exactly where I’d like my career heading.  I have no hesitation in recommending Richard and the services he provides.”

Greg Boek, Supply Chain Executive

“Richard helped me to see my own work experience through a fresh pair of eyes.  This enabled me to identify key moments in which I thrived and helped me to reframe my pitch through the art of story-telling.

No matter how polished your CV, LinkedIn profile or personal branding may be, Richard has a subtle way of coaching that can provide a fresh and valuable perspective.”

Steve Price, Payments Executive

“I initially met Richard when I was looking for a new role.  When I was preparing for a first round interview with a multi-national Germany engineering company I engaged Richard for advice.  Richard seized the opportunity and was determined to prepare me for the interview.  He guided me to articulate ‘my’ story and how it relates to where I could take the business and achieve their goals.

Richard then worked with me on the typical Q&A for a senior position interview process.  He was brilliant in shaping me to present myself in the best way for the interview which led to me been offered the role which I accepted.  He is honest in his appraisal and happy to coach you to success.  I highly recommend Richard for executive interview coaching.”

Fred Curtis, Managing Director