“I initially met Richard when I was looking for a new role. When I was preparing for a first round interview with a multi-national Germany engineering company I engaged Richard for advice. Richard seized the opportunity and was determined to prepare me for the interview. He guided me to articulate ‘my’ story and how it relates to where I could take the business and achieve their goals.
Richard then worked with me on the typical Q&A for a senior position interview process. He was brilliant in shaping me to present myself in the best way for the interview which led to me been offered the role which I accepted. He is honest in his appraisal and happy to coach you to success.
I highly recommend Richard for executive interview coaching.”


Who is your typical client?

They are Executives looking to make a career change over the next 6-12 months.  They may be looking internally within their current organisation, and/or externally at new opportunities.

Resume Ready – Aimed at executives needing to prepare a compelling resume and ensure their digital profile is fully optimised.

Interview Ready – Designed for executives getting back into ‘job search’ mode and wanting to improve their interview techniques to perform at their best.

Search Ready – For the executive who is in transition and who may have accepted a redundancy package or been ‘let go’ due to a change in organisation strategy or direction.  For executives in transition, any of the Executive Interview Coaching programs can be used in conjunction with traditional outplacement programs or as an alternative solution to those programs whilst they search for their next opportunity.

Why use these programs if I plan to stay in my current organisation?

Even if you are looking internally for opportunities, you’ll still be competing against other internal candidates and most likely, external candidates.  As such, your resume and interview skills must be up to scratch.

The Resume Ready program will help give you the edge by ensuring your resume is as well prepared for the internal role as it would be for an external opportunity.  The Interview Ready program will also teach you how to perform at your best through the interview process.  This is particularly vital if you are competing against external candidates who may have more experience than you.

I don’t have any trouble getting an interview, but always seem to be pipped at the post by another candidate.  What am I doing wrong?

The truth is, the person offered the role is the one who nails the interview.  That person may not necessarily be the best person for the job.

Our Interview Ready program gives you the tools you need to excel during the interview process.

I’ve sent out dozens of resumes and have not had one call for an interview.  What is going on?

Your resume is the door opener.  It’s the first impression hiring executives glimpse of you, your background and skills.  If you are not being called for an interview, your resume is not hitting the mark and needs to be revised.

Our Resume Ready program helps you transform your resume to ensure you stand out from the crowds.  With our help, prospective employers will soon be knocking on your door.

I don’t live in Melbourne.  How can I access these programs?

Sessions can take place via Zoom Video-conferencing or Skype.  Alternatively, if you prefer face-to-face coaching, we are prepared to come to you.  Details of all fees involved are available upon request.

Ready to turn your strengths into new opportunities?  Talk to us now!