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"As a seasoned HR professional, used to hiring executives, I thought I knew all there was to know about securing a new role. I couldn’t have been more wrong however; being unable to get cut-through even in a talent tight market. Fortunately, a friend recommended Richard’s program and I haven’t looked back. 


Richard’s detailed and rigorous approach to preparing executives for new roles ensures you stand out at every stage of the recruitment process. He starts by helping  you to better articulate the type of role you are looking for, and how best to position for that. His feedback was always targeted, purposeful, and highly effective. From reshaping my resume and LinkedIn profile, to ensuring I was match fit when it came to interview performance. The pre and post interview practice and briefings were incredibly valuable and supportive of both my confidence and resolve. With Richard’s guidance I was able to secure a dream role.

I am incredibly grateful to Richard, I only wish that I had the benefit of his coaching and expertise earlier in my career."


Julie Catanach

Chief People & Culture Officer

"With great admiration and sincere thanks I describe Richard’s approach as tough love! I hadn’t had an interview for years and wasn’t even sure what I really wanted to do in my next career phase. As a senior executive I thought I would be able to make my way through the interview process, but I was wrong. It was a very different world and I needed to thoroughly prepare.


Richard’s approach is professional, methodical, and rewarding. I quickly came to grips with my priorities and what I needed to do. He coached and advised every step of the way. He was tough but fair and always left me feeling optimistic.  He was incredibly accurate in picking the types of questions and process for interviews. I strongly recommend Richard and Executive Interview Coaching to any Executive exploring a new role. It is a truly worthwhile investment."

Natalie Berney
Risk Management Consultant

"As C-suite executives we are experienced at running businesses.  However, when it comes to ensuring your resume, LinkedIn profile, and preparing presentations and answering questions in a competitive board interview process, your material and performance can often be found wanting leading to frustration and confusion.  This is where Richard’s 30 years of experience as an executive recruiter comes into play.

Richard’s program will:

  • Help you rewrite your resume so you make the shortlist for roles.

  • Update your LinkedIn profile so you get noticed by recruiters and employers; and

  • Prepare you for board interviews and the preparation and delivery of presentations.

I highly recommend Richard and the skills and experience he brings to the table."

Rob Stratford

Chief Executive Officer

"Although believing I could perform well in interviews through drawing on my experience in regular client meetings, when a job opportunity presented that I was particularly interested in, I sought Richard’s assistance over multiple one on one sessions. 

Sessions with Richard quickly highlighted how much I could improve the way I presented myself and my answering technique.  With his expertise, I was able to better link my experience to the job and interviewer’s requirements, sharpen my messaging and better present my experience through storytelling.  Richard’s approach including challenging mock interviews, also made the actual interviews very comfortable.

I highly recommend Richard regardless of how well you think you perform interviews.”

Stirling Keen

Real Assets Portfolio Specialist

“Richard took me from dreading interviews and semi-targeted preparation to a confident interviewee with a clear narrative, strong CV and online presence supported by a proven approach to interview preparation.

Whilst I had a solid CV and historically prided on my ability to sell myself, a recent poor interview and an initial discussion with Richard showed me that significant refinement was required to attain the “step up” role I was aspiring for.  He took me through a process over four months where we systematically dissected my career, interests and role aspirations and then reconstructed my narrative in a way that maximises impact to the recruiter e.g. via hard facts and storytelling.

In addition, Richard coached me through a number of role applications where his guidance incrementally improved my performance.

I would not hesitate to recommend Richard to anyone looking for a new opportunity.”

Scott Wlossak

Strategy Director

“After a successful career as a CEO and executive, I have now successfully started to reposition my career to board positions and executive coaching.  This is as much a change in mindset as it is a process.  Richard was instrumental in helping me think through the mind set difference and more importantly how this would need to play out in my resume and interviews.

His work to improve my resume and LinkedIn profile, and how to prepare for interviews, was to the point and pragmatic.  The recruiters that I have engaged with have each commented most favourably on the clarity of the resume.

And while it may seem easy, Richard helped me understand the most wicked of interview questions, 'Why don’t you tell us something about yourself?'…

I have no hesitation in recommending Richard and in fact have already done so.”

Mark Valena

Non-Executive Director

“After being at a crossroads in my career, I was recommended to Richard for executive interview coaching.  As an experienced and skilled leader I thought I had a good resume, strong networks and could clearly articulate my key skills and abilities and define my value proposition brilliantly.

Through Richard’s uncompromising and engaging approach, I realised that there was a lot more I could do to present my career story in a way to set me up for success.

I would highly recommend Richard’s program and services without hesitation.”

Daniel Smith

General Manager, Aged Care Sector

“I would like to thank Richard for the significant knowledge and support he provided during my career transition, from a CFO who was comfortable in a role within the same organisation for over 20 years.

Richard guided me in developing a relevant and compelling resume, he provided sage advice on assessing possible opportunities, and then provided enthusiastic encouragement during the selection process.

Richard’s coaching and preparation for the interview process was invaluable.”

Patrick Kerlin

Chief Financial Officer

“Richard’s commitment to visible results translates into tailored advice that is direct, clear and fun and delivered in a professional manner.

Coupled with a world of insight and a willingness to share his expertise.”

Paula Allen


“Many of us who excel at work find it difficult to translate this into excelling at the interview.  Richard gave me practical clear strategies, forced me out of my comfort zone until I had a new comfort zone, and undoubtedly contributed to my promotion to Chief Executive.


His style is direct and good-humoured.  If you are preparing for that next big promotion, I can’t recommend him highly enough.”


Leigh Claase


“So you think you know how to present yourself, tell your story and answer interview questions?  After spending some time with Richard, you might realise that you still have a lot to learn.  Be prepared for an engaging, insightful series of conversations and see where it takes you.  Richard Elstone was recommended to me and I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to learn how to succinctly present their story to the world.”

Craig Wildermuth

Chief Financial Officer and NED

“I engaged Richard Elstone through Executive Interview Coaching to assist me to get noticed and get hired.  I saw first hand the impact a really good CV can have on the interview process.  I’d also never invested the time into the inevitable “tell me about yourself” interview question which is so important in creating a great first impression.  I also found out how important the role networking plays in uncovering the hidden job market.


I highly recommend all professionals looking to make a genuine, impactful transition to invest in this program.”

David Lewis

Project Director and Founder of The Mentor List

“It is with absolutely no hesitation that I recommend Richard Elstone for any Executive or Senior Leader embarking on their next executive job search.  Richard is a delight to work with, and his approach and framework for really narrowing down the critical points needed on an executive resume and to tell your story clearly and succinctly, in just a few minutes was the clincher in me securing the right role.

Additionally, he held me accountable and asked the tough questions at each juncture and was always clear, direct, and transparent in his approach.

In my opinion, no matter how experienced or polished you are as an Executive, you will get something out of the time you spend with Richard.

Richard filled me with confidence to be selective with the roles I pursued and ensured I took learnings from every process I went through to inevitably land the perfect role.”

Tania Wojtowicz

HumanResources Executive

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Richard Elstone.  As an executive leader with over 25 years’ experience, I questioned the value Richard would be able to provide me.  I was pleasantly surprised with the value I gained from meeting with Richard.  His direct and assertive style is exactly what I needed!  No waste of time, but real value-add conversations that allowed me to gain further insights into the market and gain further understanding of the expectations on executives like myself.

Richard navigated me through my career achievements, focusing on the areas that I had independently failed to recognise and improvement opportunities for both my CV and social media presence.

He is a true professional who stays independent with his counsel, becomes your conscience to keep you on track, and is extremely helpful with his network and informed recruitment advice.”

Mari Ruiz

Chief People & Culture Officer

“I was introduced to Richard Elstone to support my career transition having for the most part throughout my career changed companies and roles through my network.  Having not worked through this process before, I was delighted with Richard’s direct approach, his deep knowledge of the process, his enthusiasm and natural coaching style.

I learnt a great deal with one important skill being the art of engaging story telling.  With the support of Richard, new skills learnt, and accountability to the process, I have secured a new position that’s exactly where I’d like my career heading.

I have no hesitation in recommending Richard and the services he provides.”

Greg Boek

Supply Chain Executive

“No matter how competent you are as an Executive, you will benefit from time with Richard.

He is an expert in his field with a very professional personalised approach.

Richard is great to work with, bounce ideas off and provide you with honest unbiased expert guidance.”

Harry Robertson

Chief Financial Officer

“It has been a treat to work with Richard.  I got in touch originally intending to improve my interview technique but came away from the program far more enriched.

Richard shared countless practical strategies for tailoring my resume, online persona, and interviewing approach.  Most impressive was his ability to cut through and shape a compelling narrative.  Thoughtful and insightful, he always took time to understand my values, match his advice to specific roles, and provide to-the-point, always-actionable feedback.  I’ve gained new perspectives in empathy and consideration that will be an ongoing influence on how I lead teams and work with others.

Behind his genuine and approachable manner, Richard brings professionalism and an impressive depth of experience.  Anyone, whether seeking coaching or not, would profit from a conversation with him.”

Michelle-Joy Low

Head of Data and AI

“I initially met Richard when I was looking for a new role.  When I was preparing for a first round interview with a multi-national Germany engineering company I engaged Richard for advice.  Richard seized the opportunity and was determined to prepare me for the interview.  He guided me to articulate ‘my’ story and how it relates to where I could take the business and achieve their goals.

Richard then worked with me on the typical Q&A for a senior position interview process.  He was brilliant in shaping me to present myself in the best way for the interview which led to me been offered the role which I accepted.  He is honest in his appraisal and happy to coach you to success.  I highly recommend Richard for executive interview coaching.”

Fred Curtis

Managing Director

“Richard helped me to see my own work experience through a fresh pair of eyes.  This enabled me to identify key moments in which I thrived and helped me to reframe my pitch through the art of story-telling.

No matter how polished your CV, LinkedIn profile or personal branding may be, Richard has a subtle way of coaching that can provide a fresh and valuable perspective.”

Steve Price

Payments Executive

"Richard was instrumental in helping me to move into a senior executive role in the public sector.  Having spent my whole career in the private sector, I needed to ensure that I could highlight my skills and experience and tell my story in a compelling and targeted way.


Richard helped me to craft my resume so that it stood out from the crowd. I had felt that my resume was strong but his experience with highlighting what executive recruiters look for led to significant changes.  His ability to refine the structure and language to create clarity and highlight skills and results made my resume much more compelling.


Throughout the interview process Richard was there every step of the way to provide insights into what the executive recruiters and the interview panel wanted to hear, providing outstanding feedback on my presentation and interview techniques and always thinking about the intended audience.


I am eternally grateful to Richard for helping me to land a dream job. He is professional, approachable and genuinely cares about finding the best role for you.  His 30 plus years of experience in executive recruitment is invaluable and I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for their next opportunity.”

Tim Loxton

Public Sector Executive

"I appreciated Richard’s pragmatic guidance throughout my executive interview preparation and coaching journey, from resume build to interview preparation and review. His ability to contest my previously held assumptions by utilising his experience, real-world context, and my situation certainly helped me prepare for the challenges of landing my next role. I highly recommend Richard to anyone wanting to hear what they need to know, not just what they want to hear.”

Dean Vogel

General Manager, Strategy

“I am so grateful for Richard’s guidance! His expert help enabled me to provide powerful examples during my interview! Indeed his tips and guidance were helpful for each round of the three interviews I had. He is honest, upfront, but encouraging!

His help enabled me to be offered my first senior executive role.
Thank you Richard!

If you want to get a new job, being good in your job is not sufficient, smashing the interview is key!”

Raymond Chan

Dean (Research)

"I recently sought assistance from Richard at Executive Interview Coaching for resume writing and interview coaching, and I am thrilled with the results.

Richard’s expertise and guidance were invaluable in helping me stand out in the competitive job market. His knowledge of executive-level positions and the intricacies of the hiring process were evident from the start, providing exceptional insights and strategies to enhance my resume, ensuring that it effectively showcased my skills and experience which significantly improved the overall impact of my resume.

When it came to interview coaching, Richard truly excelled. He conducted mock interviews that simulated real-life scenarios, allowing me to practice and refine my responses. The feedback was constructive and tailored to my specific needs, helping me strengthen my communication skills and boost my confidence.

Throughout the coaching process, the level of professionalism and dedication was outstanding. There was genuine care about my success and he offered personalised support and guidance every step of the way.

Richard’s availability for questions and follow-up was greatly appreciated, making me feel supported and prepared for the upcoming interviews.

Thanks to the executive interview coaching and resume assistance I received, I was able to secure multiple job offers in a short period. Richard’s expertise undoubtedly played a significant role in my success. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of executive interview coaching and resume assistance. A game-changer when it comes to landing your dream job!"

Melanie Hart

Director, Working Capital Solutions

"I just didn’t get it.  I thought I did, but I didn’t.  And I didn’t realise that I didn’t get it, until I started to work with Richard.  He systematically took me through how to present myself into the Executive Job market and made it better.

He improved my CV significantly, identifying what I should be highlighting and how to present it in a way that was so much clearer and more attuned to what those searching for executive talent are looking for.  Likewise, he opened my eyes to the importance of my online presence and helped me reshape it accordingly; suddenly my CV was coming up in searches that previously wouldn’t have found me.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, he helped me prepare for interviews.  His insights, analyses and trial questions were often the difference between a good performance and one that went to the next level.

I warmly recommend Richard and his programs to any executive seeking their next step.  If only he didn’t barrack for Carlton . . .”

Scott Arbuthnot

Director & NED

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